Every year, our Health Plan Intelligence (HPI)™ product helps over 1,000 employer groups gain insight into what is driving their benefit plan costs.  Since our inception in 1998, PlanIT has analyzed the data for:

  • Tens of thousands of employer groups
  • Tens of millions of plan subscribers and members
  • Over 500 million medical transactions
  • Nearly $100 Billion in claim dollars
Employer Group Meeting About Group Health Plans - PlanIT

PlanIT employs a proprietary process to integrate claims data from all types of providers: Medical, Pharmacy, Biometrics, Disability, Work Comp, Dental, and Onsite Medical and Pharmacy.  The integrated analytics reveal to our clients nearly endless opportunities to identify trends, find correlations, and discover new areas of focus and education to help manage future costs.

Health Plan Intelligence™ helps employer groups answer complex questions like:

  • Do we have an opportunity to redirect care for our high utilizing members?
  • Are my Diabetic employees compliant with their medication?
  • Have the female members, over the age of 40, had their mammogram?
  • What medications are frequent users of the Emergency Room taking?
  • What are the primary health problems experienced by patients who don’t receive an annual Dental exam?
  • How are the current high cost, hot button topics impacting our annual spend: Air Ambulance, Specialty Drugs, Chronic Kidney Disease, Autism, etc.?