Executive Pointing at Reports on Desk - PlanITThe HPI-Dashboard™ is a management-level performance indicator and benchmarking report.  Driven by a focus on key health service areas and underlying conditions, it provides an understandable view into how your plan is performing. The HPI-Dashboard™ is the road map to understanding how your plan is performing and how it compares to others on a national, geographic, or industry specific level.

The HPI-Dashboard™ helps answer frequently asked questions, including:

  • How much are we paying for Medical and Pharmacy claims, and how does that compare to other companies?
  • What services are our members utilizing, what are we paying for those services, and which areas are the costliest?
  • Is our plan design efficient, is it driving utilization, and are the changes we’ve made having an impact?
  • How is chronic disease impacting our annual spend and are our chronic members being effectively managed?
  • How are specialty drugs impacting our annual pharmacy spend?
  • Where are our biggest areas of opportunity?